Ms. May

dress:vintage, heels:ASOS, bag:antique shop, sunnies:ASOS, necklace:f21, lipstick:MAC SNOB

*see more on DOOCE*

photos:billy concha


  1. Holy shit, these are gorgeous shots! Love the updo and love the light with that gold blouse. Dude you pretty rock out everything you put on.

  2. You are a very pretty girl but that look says old "Dallas" rerun to me. I hope those unflattering waistlines never come back lol! Those skirts always start right under your boobs unless you are 6 feet tall. I also would not be brave enough to pair a gold metallic blouse with a casual silver "dog collar" chain. And this, my friends, is why I am not in fashion design lol!

  3. I wouldn't like it on me, but I love it on you!